Everything you need to get everything you want

Six months of training, support, accountability and community to transform your business and your life.

Make this your year to create the biggest leap forward you have ever made in your life and business.

  • Are you tired of working really hard but hardly getting ahead?
  • Does it feel like some parts of your business and life are working well but other parts aren't?
  • Have you tried other trainings, courses and coaching that didn't really make a difference?
  • Is it time to LEAP forward instead of taking steps?
  • Are you ready to have everything?

The reason we often feel stuck or like we've plateaued is we're not given the complete picture.

We take courses or learn strategies that no matter how hard we try, it seems like we're running like a hamster on a wheel, working really hard but hardly getting ahead.

On the other hand, we can work with a coach that can help us grow and improve our mindset but we haven't gained direction.

That's because it takes both. What I call an Entrepreneur Ecosystem. The inside work that sets our minds in the right place and prepares us to receive abundantly. Plus effective and efficient strategies that actually work.

With 35 years of entrepreneurship, over 1000 hours as a trained coach and decades of helping others reach their personal and business dreams, I have put together The Leap Year Course that will make this YOUR Leap Year!  

What you can expect:

Two 90 minute group training calls per month

We'll meet as a group via Zoom on the 1st and 3rd Thursday of every month. You'll learn the entire Leap Year System from mindsets and daily practices to practical business skills such as developing a brand message, improving your website, marketing, systems, sales and everything you need to run a successful business.

Weekly 45 minute support calls

On weeks alternating with training calls, an open call to ask questions, receive coaching and get the support you need. Imagine the benefit of having a coach and community available to you every week! How could you not succeed with that level of support?

One 30 minute Clarity Call

One-to-one coaching call with Jeffrey to get clear on your intentions or to review your brand message and website. This valuable time one-to-one with Jeffrey will allow you to work through whatever is most important to you. Either to get clear on your direction or to review and improve your brand message and website.

Community Support

No one accomplishes big things alone. That's why it's imperative to have a community of support. Being an entrepreneur can be lonely and isolating. Not any more!


Continuity is essential to your success! That's why Jeffrey and your community will be there for you to hold you accountable every step of the way! 

Set up a complimentary call to find out more!
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March-August, 2020

We begin with out first group training call March 5th.

Group training calls are the 1st and 3rd Thursday each month 1-2:30pm ET.

Deadline to join is February 29!
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How about a bonus?

90 minute Bonus Group Call on March 2nd to prepare you for your journey!

How about a really BIG bonus?

An additional 30 minute one-to-one Coaching Call with Jeffrey for the FIRST 20 PEOPLE TO JOIN!

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How do I join?

We don't know that this is right for you until we know what your objectives are! Set up a call with Jeffrey to discuss the big leaps you want to make!

Set up a complimentary call to find out more!
Find out more including the investment in this personal message from Jeffrey.

Decades as a portrait photographer for affluent families has made Jeffrey a masterful observer of human behavior and potential. Having interviewed hundreds of bestselling authors, business leaders and thought leaders for his podcast has offered a wealth of information. A desire to improve the world one entrepreneur at a time fuels the motivation.

Jeffrey Shaw is host of Creative Warriors podcast, a speaker, brand message consultant, TEDx speaker and author of LINGO: Discover Your Ideal Customer's Secret Language and Make Your Business Irresistible.

When he's not working with clients or traveling, Jeffrey hosts Waffles Sunday once a month at his home in Miami where friends old and new gather for homemade waffles, mimosas and a whole lot of fun!